Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Really Can't Stand Brook Hogan

OK- this is a lighter post than normal but it does have a political aspect to it.
I LOVE to watch The Soup on E with Joel McHale.
Well they had a clip from Brook Hogan's new show "Brook Knows Best" and they're discussing politics.
Well Brook first responds by saying she is not "all that into voting."--which just pisses me off terribly-I have little patience for people who are uninterested in participating in our political process on the most minimal level.
But it gets worse because then she goes on-looking as stupid as a whore in Utah- and talks about how she thinks it ridiculous Hillary ran for Pres because she doesn't think a woman could really do that job because they are "too emotional and with menopause and PMS and stuff. Theykd be screaming and crying at people every day."

WHY do we as a society reward or even tolerate that kind of ignorance? Sure she'll get made fun of but her show is on and she has her paycheck-and it is more than a teacher's or social worker, or elder care worker or migrant farm worker-all the really important jobs in our lives.
Oh and now a clip from Denise Richards is on- great its a 2 whores for 1 day. :)