Sunday, June 1, 2008

Religion and Sex

This entry will probably turn into a series of posts, but for now we'll start with one.

I am really convinced that a lot of issues find their root in the combination of these two topics.

I wonder what is the deal, and this is an area where Fundy's and evangelicals are certainly NOT alone, and neither is Christianity.

I do not pretend to be an expert on all religions, and feel free to fact check anything I say, but it does seem that every religion has some measure of hang-up when it comes to sex. Even the "pagan" religions from the NT or ancient middle-eastern religious with their "temple prostitutes" and "ordained sexual practices" obviously had hang-ups about sex, because they had to (pardon the pun) put it all out there.

In fact I think the only thing that is MORE regulated in the world's religions is actual freedom of thought.

Share your thoughts . . . there will be more posts on this, I'm sure.

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Don said...

Great topic.

When it comes to religion and sex I too do not have any expert opinions to offer. It's always been my humbled opinion that sex is a permanent fixture from day one until the end of time, as we know it. So I've always failed to understand the 'true spirit' of fornification. Eventually I stopped trying to understand it. Which means, no, I never got a clear understanding of the matter.

But I do have some questions which, til this day, continues to boggle me. One, doesn't Adam and Eve's offspring speak of incest?

Two, in the Bible, doesn't it speak of Jesus healing a prosititute?

Also, I closed both my blogs down. If ever you'd like to go back and re-read some archived post, email me, and I will be glad to send you the invites.