Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I LOVE Lupe Fiasco

I am a HUGE fan of Lupe Fiasco. This is his rendition of Kanye's "Jesus Walks", entitled "Muhammed Walks". Its really good and smart. Kanye's original is below.

Muhammed Walks

Jesus Walks


jack b. said...

lupe is great. i love hip-hop artists that stray for the common path of materialism and "look at me" songs... he does this well.

Cousin Lynn said...

I too love Lupe Fiaso and his music. Check out him and Jill Scott in Daydreamin' one of my all time fav's.
I have agreed with you and proclaimed my frustration in the church and the way they have capitalized religion.
I have agreed with you and proclaimed my frustration with Christians who only go to church so they don't have to be Christians everyday.
I have stated that I am not religious but instead spiritual in nature, trying everyday to break down the barriers that lead men who claim to be ruled by a teaching of love to kill in the name of doctrine.
However....I am a follower of Christ. I believe all of the differences from one Christian church to the other to be minutia. They all believe in Christ and that is the important part. Are they perfect, absolutely not. I believe everyone has the right to accept whatever religion they want, Christian or not, but I, in no way, would support or declare another religion as something that I was proud of or agreed with. I can agree to disagree with people and allow them to say what they will, but I will not be proclaiming what I do not believe in. Do not allow your voice to be used for something you do not believe in. By posting this video you, in essence, are proclaiming that you agree with him and that Mohammed is the equivalent to Jesus or the true prophet of God.
I can not agree with you on this one.

J.Burnsy said...

I totally agree. Common, Lupe, Cunninglynguist, Eminem all are exceptional, intelligent rappers with more to say than the mainstream "look at me" mentallity. And Lupe's take on Kanye's jesus walk is really cool. It is always enheartening when someone can be open-minded enough to think outside the norm.