Saturday, February 21, 2009

Comments on The Fireside Chats

OK--I have gone back and listened to the Fireside Chats. I must say-this man knows messaging. He has been driving home the same message since the election. Economy is on the forefront and he has been urging Congress (along with former President Bush) to act and pass some stimulus since 11/15/2008.

Eerily prescient he stated the need and purpose of such an act. I wonder . . . had President Bush gotten off his ideological train; even towards the end--what could have been done during the meantime.

Ultimately, it is THIS that makes bad presidents--the inability to act, to be effective, to protect the people who elected them, to fulfill their charge to leave this union in a better state than when they found out. This is why Buchanan is so despised, and ill-rated by historians and dis-remembered by the populace. As the union was shattering around him, he did nothing. He allowed more and more states to rip the nation apart; gather arms; sieze ammunition and forts; cement cooperation and suppress opposition. His inability and decision to do nothing is not tolerated by Americans-whose national creed is built on action (perhaps not always the correct action, but action nonetheless).

Lincoln wasn't perfect and learned while on the job. FDR made several mistakes and corrections while implementing the New Deal. But it is lack of action that Americans hold in highest disregard. Our former President forfeited his legacy and trust when the economy went south through much of 2008. He abdicated his position and authority when he did nothing as the economy collapsed around him in September. He abandoned the American people and turned them over the fates after the election. Preferring to hold to a hypocritical and stubborn idealogy; rather than dealing with the reality. His reputation with his base was more important than the economy; than the lives of all Ameicans. THIS is why Bush will be judged as inept; this is why history will not be kind; this is why the American people should feel betrayed.

Thankfully, we as a people, have again elected a man "for such a time as this". We are in better hands because not only does our President ACT, and not only is he pragmatic and not ideological; but he is smart. Plain old intelligence and competence will hopefully NEVER be underrated or underappreciated in America again!

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jack b. said...

chad, glad to see you back on the horse.... i have to agree. as terrified as i am for our country right now, i couldn't be more happy that we put an adult in the driver's seat.