Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making the Right Decision From Day One

That was incredible. The comment Obama just made. That is the crux. He was poignant and direct, without being caddy or small. This is not just about winning or beating another party. this election is about the direction, the definition of America.

Just like with everything else in the past 40 years, Baby Boomers have come through and broken all taboos, unwritten all rules, and undone "what we thought we knew." and each time it is the next generation, The X-ers, who must come behind them and redefine what are the norms. In each and every situation the X-ers have not let America down. We are a small generation, sandwiched between two robust and large generations. We are the middle children of generations. We have been true to the spirit of the Boomers without leaving the Baby Busters wandering around with no direction. Where Boomers have taken the bull by the horns and done what they wanted to do. We came in and put the bull back in the corral, after the show was over--trying to keep anyone from getting hurt.

Here again, we are given the opportunity to really redefine what we as Americans are about---we're going to help americans move past the culture wars of the past 40 years and remind America of its progressive past and promising future. Is it any wonder that here again we have an X-er (or for all practical purposes an X-er) who is leading this charge. Barack is the man "for such a time as this".

And while a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton would be a dream ticket--let's not forget that regardless of the order--an X-er is called upon to help unite, rebuild and redefine.

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