Friday, February 1, 2008

Gen X-er Clarification

I just wanted to clarify. When I made the comment about X-ers "cleaning up" after Boomers for the past 50 years. I did not mean on a "national scale. Rather I meant , through everyday life. every social norm of the 50's the Boomers dispelled, it was X-ers through their own growth and development, that redefined them and put new ones in place.

I think X-ers should get credit for this. We had to sift through the debris and decide which and what part of social norms were salvageable and which could be discarded. We did not backlash and return to our grandparents and the "way it was done" in the 1950's. We learned the lessons from our Boomer predecessors and projected those lessons forward into redefinitions.

Again, this is what Obama is doing for this Presidential election, and the Democratic party.

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