Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Conservaties Should Be Ashamed--and Yet McCain Continues to Pander

I just heard that at this year's CPAC convention (where Romney dropped out) they were selling T-Shirts that said:
"I'd rather be water-boarded, than vote for McCain.

How insulting and WHO is dispariging the legacy of a "military hero" now. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE McCAIN IS SELLING HIS SOUL FOR????????

McCain refused to back the Senate version of a ban on water-boarding after being such an outspoken critic of this policy an dtorture in general--WHY??? To win conservatives (who are still willing to vote for Huckabee)???

This is crazy? It is funny that these Conservatives are the same ones that preach family values and "America" and claim to be the experts on Christ's teaching.



Lynn Ashley said...

McCain? I don't know if I can stand him for 4-8 years. None of the republican nominees give me a warm and fuzzy. I'll probably end up voting for Obama. Nothing he has said has turned me off. In fact, you know what did it for me? I caught a few minutes of one of the many debates between Hillary and Barack and she was bitching about him taking part of his speech or paper or something from a friend of his, and instead of him bashing her back, he just calmly said something to the effect of "This is when it gets stupid". He totally took the high road and you should have seen her face! :) I loved it.
So am I one of the fallen republicans you speak of. I'm not sure I get your true intentions towards "them". Yes, I'm republican, but many people are a particular party because that's what their parents were and in reality don't see much of a difference between the parties. I'll vote for the person I like and it has nothing to do with their party. I think your core reasoning for bashing is based on the idea that everyone has the same knowledge of politics that you do. And that is simply not the case, in fact probably half of the people vote based on the fact that they like the nominees hair. Hillary's doomed. :)

Just a thought,

Chad E Burns said...

Interesting comments--I am hoping you'll be a "guest celebrity" on the blog. :)

LOVE your comments about the debate-glad you picked up on that!

As far as bashing "them", I am unapologetically Democratic; however, I am trying to steer clear of bashing for the partisan sake of bashing. I am hoping to educate.

In the hopes of educating about some of the poltic stuff I know that others (as you said are not as in on)that I will gte people to see the danger (too strong of a word?) of just "voting like your parents". Conservatives and evangelical/fundamentalists have a huge addiction to simple myth making--they love to rally around a flag and think that sums up democracy--my goal is to educate away and destroy the ignorance that that kind of "support" leads to.

I think in large part most people feel the same way you do, that they vote for who they like--it is juts that many of those people are either too discouraged or too cynical to have gotten educated before now--that is one of the best things about Obama--he's getting people to care. Regardless of how "liberal" or "conservative" Americans are a generous bunch of people, and want to be viewed as such--this is part of the reason Bush's approval #'s are so low--I recently wrote a post about that as well. :)