Tuesday, February 5, 2008

FAITH is what we BELIEVE in.

Hi everyone,
I was going to write about the propensity for myth among the Fundy right. However, I had to do this first--I may get around to that tonight, but I had to get this post out.

I have been listening to the YES WE CAN video all day long. And it has MOVED me. I did not want to get on here and write just another blogpost about "fundy-truths". I wanted to write more and deeper than that at this point.

Here's why--that video and the words of Barack Obama in that video are inspiring. Regardless of your political color, as an American, those words should inspire us to be who we know we can be. To reach for the highest pinnacles of progress--not because it is our calling, or our birthright; but simply and profoundly because it is our DNA.

As I was listening I was overcome with the desire to do better and be better. And I realized that is what FAITH is. That is what Faith is about. When I commented on Traci and Beth's blog on Churchrater.com; I complemented Beth on her Faith (who is a Christian) and then went back and complemented Traci on hers (who is an atheist) because it is VERY important to see that Atheists are not "lacking in faith". That faith may be a different kind of faith or in different things (tangible and intangible) but FAITH still exists. Even faith in science, logic and reason constitutes dynamic faith. Faith is not the sole property of one tradition, mindset, people or paradigm. Faith is what we all have in common when it comes down to it. Faith is what moves us each day to be the people we are. The Hebrew scriptures tell us "without a vision, my people perish." Those words, while taken out of context are truth--not just for Judeo-Christianity, or even monotheistic religions; or even for religions at all. Even the non-believer believes in something--I am convinced it is what makes us human. Descartes said "Cognito ergo sum." I think therefore I am. I want to take it one step further . . . Puto ergo sum . . .I BELIEVE therefore I am.

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