Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Have you seen the video "Yes We Can"? It is amazing, inspirational and transforming. It is based on an Obama speech.

I believe Hillary would make a good President, but I want someone I can believe in, who makes me feel inspired about America and our future. Call me romantic . . .but at least my myths are based on ideas like tolerance, inclusion, ability, progress, hope, tomorrow and LOVE.

Tavis Smalley once talked about the sadness and despair of the middle east in recent times because there is no one on either side of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict who is arguing for LOVE, for inclusion, for forgiveness. And subsequently, look at how things have spiraled out of control.

I know this sounds "hippy"; but I am not a "cause head", but I do believe in the infinite power of WE and I do believe in the zeitgeist of CHANGE and PROGRESS and I do believe LOVE and FORGIVENESS are dynamic and powerful--and while that may not mean we all go off and "buy the world a Coke" . . .it does mean that the concept of LOVE and FORGIVENESS can pervade our thoughts and actions and help us keep our actions, inactions, words and deeds in check. They can move us further from who we thought we were, and closer to who we want to be.

Check out the video:

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