Sunday, February 17, 2008

too long and bye Hillary

OK--there is a bunch to talk about. A bunch of promised posts. A bunch of random thoughts. And another comment from Lynn.

1st we'll start with the election--I recently sent an email to the Clinton Campaign unsubscribing to her newsletter.

The reason is simple: I think the way she is positioning the argument between her and Obama speaks a lot to her charachter and the fact that she feels threatened.
To say that he is just all talk is low and inaccurate and plays to people's ignorance. This is the kind of divisive, pandering politics Obama is speaking out against. Sadly, it is the same kind of misleading political attacks that have followed her and her husband--you would think they, of all people, would not stoop to that level.

So I unsubscribed from her newsletter and took her pge off my Facebook. I recognize it is "just politics", I am not saying she is a horrible person; nor am I saying I wil not vote for her if she is nominated. However, it will be less a vote for her than a vote against Republicans and the failed policies of Bush/Cheney.

As I said in my email--I hope she changes my mind.

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