Saturday, February 9, 2008



Obama goes rolling into the Potomac Primary with three big, decisive and diverse wins under his belt.

I was going to call this "Saturday Night Special", but with the results in from US VI--I felt they deserved to lead my headline--as it is probably the only time it would happen. :)

The fracturing of the Republican party over "conservative" candidates is both good and bad. The good part is it shows the party is not as strong or united or monolithic as they are painted/claim/told to be. This is especially good as Democratic turn-out is at record numbers and dwarfing Republican turn-out. The bad part is that the Republicans/evangelicals/fundy's/religious right are notoriously REACTIVE. That is not good for our country, because it meas their VP choice will probably be farther to the right, AND (and worst of all) it means they will be playing dirty and divisive. Make no mistake, they can say what they want about not liking McCain, but they will VOTE for him over any Democrat--and they will be scratching and clawing in any way they can to win. Expect them to get ugly--and what makes me sad for our country and worry about this possible turn of events--is that it is the same set of circumstances that led the majority of Americans to vote for Bush because of "moral values" and the same tactics that made many believe Bush had a stronger/more reliable military record than John Kerry.

Lets just hope that the massive turn-outs contibue and that the people hwo vote are educated on the real issues and facts and not just fear and propoganda and religious diatribes.

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