Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Republicans, Democrats, McCains, Clintons and Obamas on ROASTED RELIGION

I just wanted to do an overall summary/appeal for moderation and common sense intelligence.

As an Obama supporter we do not have to nor should we be petty. It makes us look like juvenile jerks. Hillary has her flaws, but she is a great and intelligent lady. She does and would do a lot for our country, and I, for one, am glad to have her on our side.

That being said--I just think Obama is better at getting us to move forward--he'll need people like Clinton on his side to accomplish his goals--and he'll need true conservatives and moderates--that is what is so great about his appeal--he wants all the views expressed so we ALL have an investment in making America live up to her expectations. He is the leader we need for such a time as this.

I also do not believe the Reps will "roll over and play nice" but I do hope that Obama will cause the intelligent, decent, fair minded Reps to come out and take their party back. (more on this in my next post)

Nothing like a good back and forth to keep us democratic and great. But the Republicans have to throw off the shackles of intolerance and ignorance and fear that their leadership and the religious right have fed them over and over.

Some issues should just be gotten over--that is the nature of society. You don't find people still arguing that we shouldn't examine cadavers or that the earth is flat or the sun goes around the earth. there might be people who still believe some of that, but as a society we moved forward. It is now time to do that with the Roves and Neo-Con tactics and most of the Social Conservative/Religious Right's agenda.

And all this talk about Obama being liberal--you may not agree with the liberal philosophy (but you might believe in more than you think) but you cannot say it is wrong, un-American or "bad" to be liberal. AND--just throwing a label around is ungrounded--look at who is defining who as a liberal and why. I, for one, am liberal--and very proud of that fact--however, I also recognize true conservatives (not extreme right wing fearmongers) and moderates play a needed role and America needs all these points of view to be truly great. (more on this in my next post)

Obama is popular and going to win because he helps America (all of us) feel like we can be who we really want to be--benevolent, gracious, fair and strong. (more on this in another post)

The race between Clinton and Obama should not tear us apart or turn Dems/Progressives against each other--Dems should be proud to be supporting the party that gave us the first woman on a nat'l ticket (Geraldine Ferraro) and will soon give us either the first Woman nominee or the first African-American nominee.

Either way America wins!

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