Thursday, May 29, 2008

Christian-Right focus on Revelations and End Times

As a Pentecostal raised person I would be remiss if I didn't speak to the unique role Revelatiosn and "end times" plays in our culture and theology. As a child I remember attending the evangelical equivalent of haunted houses: "Tribulation Hoses" which were designed to scare the SHIT out of you and get you saved in some room with faux clouds, cheezy praise music and black lights, along with the requisite actor playing Jesus. In classes and sermons we did all the analysis about the anti-christ and Babylon rising. I think this is what Rove/Delay/Rumsfeld/Bush and Cheney didn't quite get--a lot of those Christian-right backing their support REALLY believe all this. They (some of the Christian-right)wanted us into Iraq because they felt it was fulfillment of biblical prophecy. I had been hearing sermons my whole life about how America will be "embarassed and taken down a notch" before the 2nd Coming.

Then also, the whole Obama anti-christ tie-ins fit right in.
I am not saying everyone should be liberal--we need conservatives and moderates for discourse--but someone needs to do something about these right wing nut jobs--they are dangerous. At the very least we eed to realize who we're getting in bed with, who Republicans are getting in bed with? What A LOT of the Christian Right believes, etc . . . They are not into suicide missions and may be more "advanced" than Muslim insurrgents--but some of their rhetoric and philosophy is scary and dangerous all the same--trust me I know, that is where I came from.

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