Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BELIEVE--We HAVE good instincts!

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It is very good and I think we could listen to it--especially the part about taking a breath and believing we chose a GREAT candidate!

Beth Broderick -- author

Trust Me... Him... Us... Yourself

Why have the democrats turned into a bunch of nervous nellies? We have EVERY reason to believe that we will be victorious in November and yet the hand wringing, second guessing, fear of failure set is still dominating the dialogue.
Time and again the press pushes a button and we are spun out by the spin .The latest of these ridiculous suggestions is that McCain might have the last laugh with his ludicrous choice of running mate. Could Sara Palin possibly be a good idea? Maybe Democrats should worry about her appeal? Will this move demonstrate some mystifying tactical genius?
No. She is exactly as she appears to be, she is a terrible choice. There is not a Hillary voter alive who would cast her lot with this creature. They were pissed off and they said so but I know a lot of these folks and they are smart, scary smart and they are not to be trifled with. Mr. Obama was wise to give them credit and to give Mrs. Clinton her due at the convention in Denver. Another thing the press attempted to create drama around. Will Hillary do the right thing? Will the Democrats remain divided? Should Obama give the Clintons so much time? Will the heavens open up and rain toga wearing frogs upon our heads?
No. Hillary not only did the right thing, she was spectacular and she proved that Obama was right to give her a starring role. The Hillary voters have great hearts as well as keen minds and as they demonstrate in Denver they are dedicated Democrats who understand what is at stake in this election. . They are not about to sit down for a bowl of moose stew with some creationist anti-choice, anti-environment Republican nutter, just because she is a woman. The mere thought of it is laughable.Why are we are unable to trust our own instincts? We chose a great candidate and he has made great choices. It is time to breathe deep and believe in this campaign and the folks who are leading it. They are doing a terrific job. They are playing to win and so far it appears they are doing just that. At the very least they have managed to unnerve the Republicans and positively derail John McCain. The man appears to have booked full passage on the snowmobile to Cukooville.
Since the beginning of this process the media have been convinced and have tried to convince us that America is a land of bigots who could not possibly elect a person of color to the highest office in the land. They have waxed on about "fear of the other". They have peered at every statistic trying to find evidence that. White males will never vote for a oh hold on ... it's Latino women who will never vote for a ...oops no wait Asian twins will never vote for a ahem ... well surely some group is out there who will never vote for a .... BLACK man and by God the press is going to find them out. Should we fear that America will turn out to be an unthinking secretly racist land of limitation?
No. Americans will elect Barack Obama to the presidency. They will do this because he is the best candidate for the job. They will do this because they want America to be the best country it can be. They will do it because this is America and in spite of or maybe because of the last eight years we will rise to the occasion. We have made our share of mistakes, but, we have always struggled to right our wrongs. I trust us ...him .. me.

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