Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rick Warren-A Change of Mind if not Heart

This is a follow-up to the previous Rick Warren related post. I recieved two comments to teh contrary (thanks!) and have done a lot of reading and reviewing other's opinions.

OK--let me first say there is a DIFFERENCE in allowing someone to have opposite points of view; (I NEVER suggested Warren be silenced or not entitled to his opinions) and giving those opposing view points center stage and top billing.

I still would have preferred, if Obama wanted to do this, to have Warren give the less prestigious benediction and let Rev Lowery (who marched with King and supports gay marriage AND who is giving the benediction) do the "prime time" slot of invocation.

But it is what it is; and ultimately the point made by cousin Lynn, Jack as well as bloggers Nate Silver and Lee Stranahan and here(alhough Bob Cesca agrees with me and again) is THIS is how we do things in Obama's America. and ultimately I'm fine with it. I even sent an email to change.gov stating my support now (only to be fair, since I fired off one after I heard the news). There is an upside in that it seperates the men from the boys as far as working together-disagreeing without being disagreeable. And I strongly disagree with Warren (and his boring little book) as well as Obama for giving him the invocation. But ultimately I trust Obama and it is just a prayer--I'm willing to let this one go. Especially in the hopes of securing sure footing in the attempt to extinguish the rancorous and ignorant partisanship exploited by Republicans and conservatives over the past decades. Huzzah! then, I say Huzzah!

To hear Lee and Bob debate the Warren invitation, you can also listen here.

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