Sunday, November 23, 2008

Be Vigilant

OK-it has already begun but its going to get worse. There is already an assault on the Obama Presidency. Yes, I know, he hasn't even been inaugarated yet. But instead of holding Bush and the "free-market at all costs" and "eliminate ALL regulations-no matter how common sense they might be" Republicans accountable. The press and establisment seem intent on asking why Obama isn't doing more. For example, Bush addressed the members of the G-20 and told them all the benefits of an unregulated free-market in creating wealth (don't YOU feel wealthy) and basically said that free-market didn't fail us; we failed the free-market. Was he taken to task? Was he held accountable? Was he questioned about how he can defend a free-market and nationalize the same market? No to all. Instead, it was ignored (like much of Bush this past year) and the question was put to Obama-what will he do to fix this crisis? Why wasn't he releasing a plan? Karl Rove (Why is he allowed on TV or in public after giving us the past 8 years. Does a person only lose credibility when they get a BJ from an intern??!!!???) Had the AUDACITY and TEMERITY to even say Obama had about 6 months after inaugaration and the American people would forget about the facts and would instead blame Obama for the situation and even has begun referring to this as Obama's recession!
I couldn't believe it-was he really being this cynical?? Was he really that cavalier with the facts? Was he really that perverse? And explain to me how that is patriotic?
But I see it is all part of some sort of meme that is being promulgated. It is NOT some conspiracy theory-but it is a combination of desperation, cynicism, willful ignorance and arrogance. A horrible cocktail to say the least! It can be seen in the daily propoganda that America is a "center-right" nation-which if you combine moderates with conservatives it is--but watch this fancy math; if you combine moderates with self-styled liberals you can just as easily say it is a center-left nation. That is how math works. But the media seems to have bought into this and are trumpeting it as fact. In truth we are a moderate nation as 48% of Americans identify as moderate indpendents. The Republicans (now the political arm of the Religious Right) is TOO FAR right, nowhere near center, and moving (or splitting over moving) further right. 75% of Americans think gays should be able to serve openly in the military, 67% of Americans think Roe v. Wade is a good/correct ruling, almost 80% believe limitations on stem-cell research should be removed and the majority of Americans think we should get out of Iraq and that our foreign policy should involve more detente. All ideas that are left of where the Republican party claims the center is.
Karl Rove has also begun saying Obama won because he ran as a centrist conservative. (The "most liberal" senator, a socialist, elite, Muslim, wealth distributing, "friend of terrorists" anti-American, militant Black-national--as the right declared Obama) was "the conservative centrist candidate" and THAT was why he won!
These people are ridiculous? How can Bush extol praise on unregulated free-markets after our crash and forced taxpayer takeover? Why would anybody listen to Rove after he almost single handedly gave us Iraq and Katrina? We as Americans (liberal, moderate and conservative) should be PISSED! We should demand Bush DO HIS JOB! We should relegate Rove, Bill Kristol, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the rest blathering blowhards of the "wrong" to the rubbish heap.
We should demand intelligence, truth and facts of our country, our leaders . . .and ourselves.
If Obama's election has taught us anything it is that this country is OURS, and WE THE PEOPLE have a responsibility as citizens. This is our country, but we must be educated, thoughtful and intelligent in our stewardship.
You will probably see reporters talking about how Obama received "vastly more positive press coverage" (like Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and flag pins????) And that the people who voted for him were uneducated and ill-informed (yes, it was Obama supporters who declared McCain was an Arab.) And that he was born in Kenya (he was born in Hawaii, released his birth certificate and even if he was born in Kenya-he WASN'T- his mother was still a US citizen and being her offspring would still have been a "natural born citizen"--and may I point out it was McCain who was not born in the United States, but in the Canal Zone-but did he have to declare his birth certificate? No-his color is the only creed he needs-it vouches and verifies HIS authenticity!) OH and the best-that he is the anti-Christ--this is so wrong and bigoted, I don't even know where to begin.

But all these are attempts to illegitimize Obama's presidency before it begins, they are more of the scare-tactics, jingoistic xenophbia, active ignorance and bigotted racism masquerading as religion. But then remember. . .We already won despite all of those attempts. Americans are smarter and more progressive than we gave ourselves credit for-and Obama is one of our smartest!

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