Saturday, November 29, 2008

The other info from the Obama donor study

There has been a new study released that seems to downplay the effect Obama's fundraising had on the political game in America. One of Obama's strength and reason why he didn't use campaign financing was the heavy amount of small donors.
According to the study there was only a 1% increase in small donors from GWB. This conclusion is reached by combining all the donations that came in from the same person. So of course the everyday person who gave $10/week throughout the primary and fall campaign would have given close to $4000 by the election. The only problem is that there is a BIG difference between an Obama supporter giving $10/week for 40 weeks and a Bush supporter plunking down $4000 as a one time gift.
This is very important to understand and share. This study will be misquoted, misused and taken out of context to make it seem Obama's decision to forego public financing and his claim of broadening the donor base is illegit and similar to GWB-therefore illegitimize his win and his presidency.
Obama is no way near a Bush presidency-he is not the opposite of Bush-he is not just the other extreme or the other side of the coin. He is not the messiah or "the one" of course either-but after 8 years of Red Neck politics and cowboy diplomacy we have been lulled into thinking this ignorance and apathy are normal-Obama is just the Dem version of Bush. Don't buy it-spread the word.Obama is a new leader in the spirit of FDR, JFK, Reagan and yes Bush-41 (at least in foreign policy approach)

Be Vigilent!

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