Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok-I have been doing lots of thinking about my blog in the past week since the election. I had really been following an election/Obama theme-and I do not apologize, I mean this was heralded asone of the biggest elections in our history and definitely the biggest of our generation. So I think that going forward I want to return to more posts about religion and focus on politics where it interesects. Also-and I can't emphasize this enough-the election of President Obama has changed my thinking somewhat. Not that I won't do rants and posts from a cynical or caustic point of view, but I also want to take a page from our new Pres and work towards solutions and pragmatic ideas. I think this is partly because Obama's election has seemed to show some of the irrelevance of many of the far-right, fear-mongering, jingoistic, xenophobic, ultra-national, intolerant ideas. Not that they are eliminated, but I do feel that in post-Obama America, a lot of these ideas are being shown in the light of truth and they wither. I want to turn this into a blog post, and will at a later time. And the second reason I want to tweak my attention is the example of our future president. He has proven himself calm, intelligent, controlled and confident. His approach is truly the "3rd Way" and I think vitriol is not beneficial to solution making (or governing). Again, I will still vent, but I hope that my posts serve to ignite discussion, bridge differences, expound on common ground, and do my small part to moving us forward as a nation, as a people and as a community.

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Cousin Lynn said...

Good post! I have never gotten so deep into politics as with this election. I continue to follow Obama so I can intelligently speak to the hate mongers out there without falling to their ignorant rants about why he "sucks". It amazes me the people that actually say that McCain and Palin would have made a better President then Obama. I don’t dislike either I just recognize intelligence when I see it and neither seemed all that intelligent to me. I am a born and raised republican but I voted for Obama. As I said to a friend the other day, after she piped about him being socialist: I would rather give my money to the democrats and have them give it to the poor then to give it to the republicans to give to companies that are not being run efficiently or competitively. This country was based on free enterprise and we are doing our best to undermine the core principles of capitalism. It will not be Obama that brings capitalism to its knees. It will be the government intervention in irresponsibly ran companies keeping them alive to spend more money on golf outings and lavish parties. God bless America! They are going to have to understand that this country is ready for something new, something different, for better or for worse, that the old way is simply not working. If you want to truly combine religion and politics, try calling out for everyone to fervently pray for the man that over half this country voted for and stop hoping for his failure. Cause like him or not, he is the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world and if he fails, we will all fail.